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Nestletrades have the authority and discretion to freeze accounts if suspected account holders are conducting illegal activities such as multiple accounts creation. Read the FAQ for further information.

Welcome to the nestle Trades

With Over Two Million Active Trading accounts

Welcome to Nestle Trades ltd

Nestle Trades Ltd is an Australian licensed Trading platform; team of professional traders focusing mainly on cryptocurrency trading over multiple Exchanges and markets. Thanks to the extraordinary diversification of our trading strategy, we are able to deliver steady income for our Traders.

Basic Foundations

Nestle Trades Handles The Security Of Your Account And Your Personal Information Very Seriously. We Employ Industry Recognised And Adopted High Standards In Encryption Protocols To Protect The Data That Flows Between You And Our Systems (TLS V1.2 256-Bit). Your Connection To Our Servers Are Signed With SSL Certificates Issued From Well-Known And Trusted Authorities.


We built Nestle trades to be one of the fastest, most reliable, and most secure trading platforms in the world. At Nestle trades , you can invest your time as wisely as you do your money. With our See It, Click It, Trade It design, your trading becomes efficient, confident, and current. What’s not to love? Our trading platforms offer features to meet the needs of both the occasional investor and the serious, active trader.

Automatic deposit

Deposit confirmation is directly linked to blockchain. This means that all deposit will automatically reflect on your dashboard when confirmed by your wallet company and blockchain.

Automatic withdrawal

Withdrawal on this platform is automatic; It means that you can withdraw automatically and directly from your dashboard to your wallet any time and it will reflect in your wallet immediately your wallet company and Blockchain confirms your withdrawal.

Money Back Guarantee

The interest of our traders is our utmost priority. Traders can decide to end an on going trade and withdraw their capital anytime they wish.

Referral Program

Our referral program will help you to earn additional income; 5% or 10% referral program is earned by Traders when another Trader(s) starts trading with your referral link.

No hidden charges; No Commission

Nestle Trades ltd charges no commission on any deposit and withdrawals made by a trader. No miscellaneous payment or additional payment will required by Nestle Trades from our traders Transaction information is known only by the counterparties. Trade details do not get published to Nestle.

24/7 Customer Representative

Nestle trades ltd provides the best customer care representative which is available 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Trades can seek for assistance anytime by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right hand.

why trade with us?

Become a broker

Our web application serves as your one-stop destination to check quotes and place trades, see account balances, P&L and key performance metrics, funding, reporting, and more.

Trading Plans

Our flagship desktop platform designed for active traders and investors who trade multiple products and require power and flexibility

Zero Trading Experience

We've been innovating trading software since 2000 and we're not stopping now! You get the power to trade smarter.

Nestle Trade Mobile

Easily trade and monitor your Nestle trade account on-the-go from your iOS or Android device (tablet or smartphone).

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Freedom To Trade Confidently

We Think Controlling Your Own Money Can Be More Rewarding Than Robo-Advisors Who Put Your Portfolio On Autopilot. That’s Why Nestle Trades Gives You Every Edge Possible With The Technology, Rates, And Support That Help You Succeed More Easily On Your Own.

Training Cryptocurrency trading experts

Cryptocurrency trading involves speculating on price movements via a CFD trading account, or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange. Here you’ll find more information about cryptocurrency trading, how it works and what moves the markets.

Fast, Robust Technology

Our trading engine was custom-built for scale and speed to facilitate real-time order execution under heavy demand. We support third-party trading platforms and algorithmic trading via our extensive APIs.

Transformation That Goes Way Beyond Simply Great Trading

Trading with us is an innovative way you can access the opportunities of trading without any technical skills, and the minimum of time. You simply choose to copy Nestle traders Strategy Managers who are right for you and make their trading strategies available to follow. We’ll do the rest!

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